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2-Day Team Story: Warriors for Sandra

Sandra at the 2008 Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer

At It’s The Journey, we celebrate every new 2-Day Walker, Crew Member, and Team that comes our way. But it’s never more bittersweet than when a 2-Day Team is formed due to the loss of a loved one.

Sandra with Dr. Israel and her co-workers at Wildwood Dental Care

Sandra Anglin battled breast cancer on and off for 25 years. In 2006 and 2008, she joined our 2-Day family when she participated in the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer as a walker. Tragically, in February of 2017, Sandra’s battle came to an end.

Sandra was the long-time Office Manager at Wildwood Dental Care. “Sandra was not only a
devoted employee but also a great friend. All of my patients loved her and she is greatly missed,” said Dr. Bob Israel.

After Sandra’s funeral, Sandra’s friend and co-worker B. J. Stokes spoke to Jeff, Sandra’s husband, about putting together a 2-Day Team in her honor. “By the next staff meeting,” says Dr. Israel, “the ball was already rolling.” This November 11-12, ten of Sandra’s family, friends, and coworkers will hit Atlanta’s sidewalks for the 2017 Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer as members of the rookie 2-Day Team “Warriors for Sandra.”

“We’re doing this to keep her light and legacy burning forever, in the hope of finding new medicines, new technologies, and new procedures that might save someone else’s life,” says Jeff. “Sandra was able to participate in this event and was always proud to do so! I know this year she’ll be looking down from Heaven, watching and cheering us on with pride and tears of joy as we do this for her!”

We are honored to have Sandra’s loved ones in Warriors for Sandra join us this year as they celebrate the life and legacy of an incredible woman. You can support Warriors for Sandra on their 2-Day Team page here!


4 Responses

  1. Trish Rawlins says:

    Sandra was beautiful inside and out. She is greatly missed and will be smiling down from Heaven!

  2. Alphonso Brown says:

    To god be the glory Sandra was and still is very dear to me I’ve actually done the walk to honor my mother who passed from breast cancer in 2013 and as Sandra was fighting her personal battle she still had the compassion to comfort my mother who she never met when my mom had her bad days not only her but my brother who passed 6 months after my mother and of course myself as I battle this dreaded disease I pray my lord and savior blesses me with the same compassion and understanding to continue to reach out in spite of my own issues to help someone else and continue to see beyond my own struggles and help someone else I continue to go to The radiation oncology clinic to try and comfort others early in the struggle and I do that to honor Sandra my mother and my brother she was the gentlest soul I’ve had the privilege to meet continue to pray for her husband Jeffery she will forever live in my heart I love you Sandra and I pray I live my life in a way that perhaps I’ll see you again

  3. Sam blackstock says:

    Not only were Sandra and me bff’s but cousins. I miss her so much and think of her and the great memories we had. I was very blessed for her to be a part of my life. Thru good times and bad we always had each others back. We didnt talk everyday but we talked and face booked to keep up. She was a loving and great person. I will miss her always but i know she is not suffering anymore and a fighter thru all she went thru. I love and miss her. She has no idea at the lives she toiched and how blessed you were if you new her. I know i will see you again one day and what a time we can have. I love u.

  4. Sandra was a radiant and beautiful person inside and out. I knew her for many many years. My heart hurts with her passing and seeing her radiant smile. She was a fighter and such a good person. We are all blessed to have known her and to have her part of our lives. She will be deeply missed. Such a kind and gentle soul, I cannot say enough about her. I pray for her and her family that she leaves behind, and I pray that they have the strength that she had to smile and carry on her legacy. love and hugs

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