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Crew Information: Crew Descriptions

Crew teams are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is limited. We will assign you to a crew team based on the needs of the event, taking into consideration your skills and capabilities. We will make every effort to assign you to the crew team of your choice. Functions and physical requirements vary from team to team. Some crew teams have some lifting involved. Please let us know in advance if you have any physical limitations.

It’s The Journey’s office also requests additional crew participation throughout the year. E-mails will be sent requesting volunteers for specific events that may include, but are not limited to, the Kick-Off event (held in March), 2-Day Training Walks (an opportunity for crew to train and meet walkers), festivals (information booth), and pre-event activities such as moving the Atlanta 2-Day Walk office to a staging area, assembling credentials, assigning/tagging rental vehicles, taking inventory of the warehouse after the event, moving back into the Atlanta 2-Day Walk office, and others.

The Moto Crew assists walkers along the entire route by being stationed at intersections,  patrolling the route, and ensuring the safety of walkers during the event. In addition to assisting walkers, Moto will assist local law enforcement personnel with vehicular traffic control.

Moto members should also watch for signs of fatigue and/or injury that may require a walker to be picked up by a sweep van. Crew members must provide their own motorcycles and hold valid motorcycle endorsed drivers license. Each crew member is also responsible for bringing their own helmet and being prepared to repair their motorcycle if necessary.

The Bike Crew assists walkers along the entire route by patrolling the route and ensuring walkers’ safety during the event. In addition to assisting walkers, members of the Bike Crew will identify both the lead walker and the last walker to all other crews. This ensures that all walkers are safe and accounted for. Bicyclists are to also watch for signs of fatigue and/or injury that may require a walker to be picked up by a sweep van. Crew members must provide their own bikes, helmets and be prepared to repair your bike if necessary.

Route Marking

The Route Marking Crew is responsible for marking the entire walkers’ route with directional signs, safety cones, repairing/replacing signs as needed, and clearing the signs/cones after the walkers have passed and the route is closed. You might be able to lift around 20-30 pounds.

Sweep/Taxi consists of several vehicles, each with a driver and navigator. This crew patrols a section of the route between the B’Rest Stops and lends a hand to injured/disabled participants.  Sweep/Taxi also consists of vehicles that assist in the non-medical transportation of staff and volunteers to assigned areas. This team will be utilized in the event of an evacuation.

Traffic Security/Law Enforcement

The Uniformed Law Enforcement Crew assists walkers along the entire route, directing traffic at major intersections. To be a member of the Uniformed Law Enforcement Crew you must be a Georgia certified Law Enforcement Officer, in uniform, have the permission of your employer and be within your legal jurisdiction.

The Uniformed Law Enforcement Crew will work with the Moto Crew ensuring the safety of the walkers while on the route. This crew controls both vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the host hotel, registration, opening, day-one evening and closing (Sunday afternoon), and provides security as needed. This crew will maintain safe traffic flow, manage the parking lots and staging areas, keep an eye out for participants needing guidance, and provide open access for emergency vehicles.

B’Rest Stop

B’Rest Stop Crews set up and operate rest areas at designated intervals along the route, providing hydration and snacks, and limited medical service. This crew is the first leave the hotel and work throughout the day.


The Lunch Crew provides the biggest B’Rest Stop along the route, with hydration, food, snacks, and limited medical service.

Clean Up/Recycling 

The Clean Up/Recycling Crew drive large (17 to 24 foot) trucks along the entire route, stopping at all B’Rest Stops, Saturday Lunch and other designated areas, removing bagged trash/recycle containers and assisting in the closing of each B’Rest Stop. This crew requires heavy lifting.

The Hydro Crew distributes and replenishes water, sports drinks, snacks, and ice as needed to all areas of the event, including B’Rest Stops, Lunch and the Holding Area (before Closing), with particular attention to the medical service areas. This crew requires heavy lifting.

Event Services
The Event Services Crew set-up, manage, organize, and break down the check-in, registration, and 2-Day Walk store throughout the entire walk weekend.  The Event Services Crew is also responsible for checking walkers in when they return from the Saturday walk route.  All crew members are required to be available the Friday afternoon/evening before the walk for early bird check-in and registration.

Learn more on our Crew Training page.

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