2-Day Walk FAQs

Will there be an in-person event for the 2021 2-Day Walk?

Yes- we are still offering a 2 day, in-person event October 2-3, but it will have modifications. After consulting with our medical partners at Wellstar and looking at social distancing standards, we will only be walking 10 miles in person on Sunday, October 3rd. This will be fully supported by medical volunteers and crew, and will in large part function as the Sunday portion of the 2-Day Walk normally does with modifications in place for COVID safety. On Saturday, October 2, we have a full program of mission-based activities on offer at the hotel, and are very excited to offer our participants a new hands-on way to interact with and support our mission this year.

Will there be any COVID-19 safety measures at the 2-Day Walk?

Yes- after consulting with our medical partners, we have released safety measurements and requirements for our event. Please click here for our 2021 COVID Safety Protocols.

I already paid for a full registration for 2020, but can't participate in 2021. Is my registration refundable?

Unfortunately, no. All 2-Day Walk registrations (as stated in the registration waver) are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please email Linda at lshein@2daywalk.org for further information. For those who can’t participate in person this year, we encourage you to check out our virtual option- the 2021 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer Experience! Learn more about the 2-Day Walk Experience here.

Are there any changes to fundraising minimums for 2021?

Our purpose as an organization is to ensure funding in the year ahead for breast health and breast cancer programs throughout Georgia, and our fundraising policies exist to help us provide consistent support to the programs doing this crucial work. As such, registered 2-Day walkers are still required to raise $1,000, and registered Sunday walkers are still required to raise $500. The fundraising deadline for 2021 is Friday, December 10, and you must have at least 50% of your 2-Day fundraising completed in order to check in at the 2-Day Walk as always. Click here for more information about fundraising minimums for 2021.

What percentage of my fundraising commitment do I have to be at in order to check-in at the walk?

50% of your fundraising commitment (50% of $1,000 for a 2-Day Walker, or $500 for a Sunday Walk, respectively) is still required at check-in to participate in the 2-Day Walk. Saturday Walker registrations have been converted to “Sunday Walker” registrations for 2021, but we humbly ask Saturday Walkers strive to still raise $750. It costs our grantees $160 to provide a person in need a mammogram- your additional fundraising efforts could very well save a life.

Will I still have to share a hotel room in 2021?

Our current plan is to have shared rooms like as normal at the 2-Day Walk. If you would like to secure a room to yourself, please purchase a single room supplement for $75 here on the Weekend Event Planner.

What is the time commitment for a 2-Day crew member?

Crew members commit to staying on site for the entirety of the 2-Day Walk weekend. There is also a mandatory crew training that takes place the Friday night before the walk at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

If you cannot commit to being on site throughout the whole event, you can instead choose to serve as a day volunteer. Day volunteers commit only to 4 hour shifts, but unlike crew, they do not stay overnight at the hotel. For more information about day volunteers, please contact Ray at rroberts@2daywalk.org.

I want to crew the 2-Day. How do I get assigned to a specific 2-Day crew?

Once you have paid for your crew registration fee, you will email Ray at rroberts@2daywalk.org to request a crew assignment. If you are a veteran crew member wanting to transfer to another crew, please email Ray for that as well.

Can I serve as a medical volunteer?

Thank you for your interest! Our medical services are provided by our Medical Sponsor, WellStar, and our podiatry services are provided by Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia. They each fully staff our medical and podiatry teams, so we do not utilize outside medical volunteers.

If you are employed by WellStar and would like to volunteer to help at the 2-Day Walk Weekend, please speak to Ray at rroberts@2daywalk.org to connect with the WellStar liason.

I'm on crew. Why do I have to have a valid license and proof of insurance on file with ITJ to drive during the 2-Day Walk weekend, even if I'm in my own vehicle?

Anyone employed by, affiliated with, or volunteering for It’s The Journey and the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer who is operating a vehicle (even if it is a personal vehicle) must have a valid license and proof of insurance. This is a requirement of our event and company insurance policy.

What are the requirements to be on the 2-Day youth crew?

We are not offering options for youth crew in 2021. Check back with us in 2022 for more chances for your child to participate.

In order to be on the youth crew, students have to be 10-15 years old at the time of the event, meet the $250 fundraising requirement, and have a parent or guardian who is participating as a 2-Day walker or crew.

All youth crew captains (adults who oversee youth crew students at all times) must have a background check on file with It’s The Journey.