2020 2-Day Walk FAQs

Why can't ITJ host the traditional Georgia 2-Day Walk this year?

On Tuesday, May 5, the City of Atlanta announced that they will not be issuing permits for large, outdoor events for the fall of 2020. This directly affects the 2-Day Walk, and we were told by the city that it does apply to our event. There is nothing that we can do to override or change this decision, and other local cities and towns have indicated that they also will not allow us to obtain permits.

Furthermore, nearly 75% of our registered participants indicated in our recent survey that they either a) do not feel comfortable in gatherings of any size (over 52% of respondents), or b) only feel comfortable in very small groups.

Our top priorities are and will always be the safety and well-being of our participants, and providing our grantee partners the financial support they need to serve Georgia’s breast health and breast cancer community. Their needs have only grown as a result of COVID-19, and we are doing everything we can to help fund their crucial work. Therefore, it is in the best interest of our mission and our supporters’ safety for us to transition to a virtual 2-Day Walk Experience for 2020.

What is the 2020 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer Experience?

This year, instead of 2 Days, you’ll have 2 Weeks to complete your 30 miles! Beginning Monday, September 21st, you can start racking up your miles for the 2020 Georgia 2-Day Walk Experience on MoveSpring, our virtual walk platform! You’ll still be traveling 30 miles throughout Atlanta, and will still “see” some of our wonderful partners at B’Rest Stops (called “Milestones” in MoveSpring”) approximately every 2.5 miles! Each Milestone will unlock video or picture messages to help bring the 2-Day experience to you wherever you are!

MoveSpring works with tracking devices (like FitBit, Apple Watch, etc.) or even just your cell phone to track your steps/miles! You can compete on our mileage leaderboard, and we have some really great ideas on how to get support from your donors by incorporating MoveSpring features!

On Sunday, October 4th, we will head out together for our final mile, culminating in a Facebook Live Closing Ceremonies Experience at 12:00 pm, so that we can all celebrate together! More details TBA as we get closer!

I already paid for a full registration for 2020. What happens now?

Everyone who is already registered as a 2-Day walker (both single day and 2-Day) or crew member can participate in this year’s virtual 2-Day Walk Experience at no additional cost. Your full 2020 registration fee will automatically roll over to 2021.

If I registered for the full 2020 2-Day Walk, do I need to register again for the 2020 2-Day Walk Experience?

No, you do not need to register again. Your registration will automatically be input for both the 2020 and 2021 2-Day Walks. Details on setting up a profile in Movespring (the virtual walk platform) to be released closer to event time.

I have not registered yet for 2020, but I want to register now. What are my options?
  • Anyone who has not yet registered has two choices:
    • You can register for the 2020 2-Day Walk Experience for $35, which includes access to the virtual 2-Day Walk platform, t-shirt, year button, and credentials
    • You can register for 2020 at the normal $160 rate, and you will be enrolled in both the 2020 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer Experience AND the 2021 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer (a $35 savings)!
  • Register using the normal registration link: https://itsthejourney.org/get-involved/
Can I still use my 2-Day Fundraising Page?

Yes, you will still use your 2-Day fundraising page as normal, and all participants still register using the normal registration site: https://itsthejourney.org/get-involved/

Is there still a fundraising minimum for 2020? What about transfers? When is the fundraising deadline?

No, there is no longer a fundraising minimum for 2020. There is also no need for commitment forms since there are no minimums this year. Team captains can transfer funds out of the team account into individual team member accounts, but there will be no person to person transfers for 2020. The fundraising deadline for 2020 is December 5th.

Can I roll over my 2020 fundraising to 2021?

No, donations received or solicited on ITJ’s behalf must be turned in and encumbered in the same tax year, so they cannot roll over to 2021. This is per ITJ’s auditors. Additionally, your donors need tax letters to match the year the donation was made.

Are there still going to be individual and team fundraising awards this year?

In an effort to tighten our belts, there will be no individual or team fundraising awards for 2020.

What is the Incentive Program I keep hearing about?

We need your help in order to maintain our existing levels of support for our breast cancer grantees. That’s why we are excited to introduce a new fundraising incentive system for individuals AND teams for the 2020 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer! Click here to learn more!

What are “Adventures?”

On Friday, June 12th, we will launch a bi-weekly Adventure series! These Adventures will encourage you to get out and train for the 2020 Georgia 2-Day Walk Experience, and will include awesome Inspiration Locations to check out all throughout the state. Feeling cooped up at home? You’ll have the opportunity to fulfill your Adventure miles while exploring beautiful sites throughout the state!

We’ll also have Challenges, like our Rookie Challenge, to encourage new faces to join our 2-Day family, and to further incentivize your fundraising efforts!

On August 10th, our Adventures will migrate over to our MoveSpring platform, and you’ll be able to share your mileage with the whole community, compete on our mileage leaderboard, and encourage your donors to pledge support based on your mileage completion!

How do I fundraise during COVID-19?

Your health, safety, and peace of mind come first! Adapt these suggestions based on your health, social distancing guidelines, and best judgement. We suggest finding ways to either a) modify your traditional fundraisers and make them virtual or contact-free, or b) come up with creative solutions to help donors relieve boredom, give them a break from cooking, or to provide an opportunity to remotely socialize. Check out some specific ideas below!

  • Your MoveSpring page can connect to any fitness tracking device (ie. FitBit, Apple Watch, etc.) or even just your cell phone to track your steps! Once MoveSpring launches on August 10th, ask your supporters to pledge anywhere from 50 cents to $1 for every mile you walk during one of our online Adventures or during the Georgia 2-Day Walk Experience!
  • Offer to do a porch drop beer run, bake sale, freezer meal, puzzle exchange, etc. for your friends in exchange for a donation.
  • Host a cocktail or coffee hour on Zoom & ask your friends to donate what they would’ve paid for drinks to your 2-Day fundraising page!
  • Host a COVID’s Most Wanted auction- TP, Lysol wipes, bleach, etc.!
  • Take your poker or spades tournament online!

For more ideas, click here to visit our 2020 Fundraising Guide.

What is the theme for 2020?

Our theme for 2020 is “6 Feet Apart… Closer Than Ever.” Even though 2020 is presenting lots of challenges, our 2-Day family is strong and we will overcome these hardships, and together, we will meet the needs of Georgia’s breast cancer community!