2017-2018 Grant Application

It’s The Journey invites any 501(c)(3) breast cancer organizations or programs  to apply for one of our annual grants.

Grants of up to $40,000 will be awarded on March 6, 2017 from money raised through the 2016 Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.  Grants will be awarded to Georgia non-profit organizations with breast cancer or breast health programs in the areas of screening and diagnostics, support services, education/awareness, genetic counseling and testing, advocacy and direct assistance. Organizations chosen to receive a grant will be notified in January 2017.

We are pleased to partner with you to help fight breast cancer.  Please follow all guidelines carefully as we are only able to accept applications that adhere to the grant application guidelines. If you need additional information about the grant process or application, please contact Laurel Sybilrud, Board and Grants Chair, at lsybilrud@2daywalk.org.

It’s The Journey, Inc. produces the annual Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer to raise money for breast health and breast cancer programs in Georgia. For more information about the October 15 & 16, 2016 event, please call us at 404.531.4111 or e-mail us at info@2daywalk.org.

The application deadline is October 21, 2016. Applications must be received by 12:00 PM.

2017-2018 Fillable Grant Application (part 1)

2017-2018 Grant Application Budget Form (part 2)