Buzz-in-pj'sYou may know him as “Lucky Pink Boxers Man.” Perhaps you call him, “Safety Speech Dude?” He’s the face that launches 1,000 2-Day Walkers. The man, the myth, the legend- our very own Mr. Buzz Glover, 2-Day Crew Director!

You see him everywhere during the 2-Day Walk Weekend, but who exactly is this larger than life mystery man? By day, Buzz is just your typical family man- husband to his wife Chris, father to teenage twins, and a Senior Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Electronic Systems Laboratory, part of the Air National Guard Program Office (confession: we don’t know what that means either, but we’re still impressed).

But by night? Buzz is a card carrying member of the Atlanta Parrothead Club (you read that right), which is actually how he got connected to the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. This will be his 14th walk- Buzz is one of only 5 people who have participated in every single Atlanta 2-Day Walk. As 2-Day Crew Director, Buzz is the volunteer in charge of the walk, and is in essence *the* person who makes the 2-Day Walk happen. He organizes the route, and oversees assignments for 17 volunteer crews, coordinating over 250 crew members.

So the next time you see Buzz on the 2-Day route, give him a shout. Now, you can even use his real name. You know, the same name as a certain university mascot (coincidence? We think not). Bonus points if you ask him about his menagerie of dogs, cats, big goats, baby goats, bunnies, and horses…