John VaughnRight hands- they’re important. They’re especially important when you’re trying to keep 1,000 2-Day Walkers safe, on path, and having a good time. And for 2-Day Walk Crew Directors, Buzz Glover and Adina Fink, John Vaughan is that right hand.

John is a veteran 2-Day Crew Member, and is well acquainted with being the man who can find the thing that needs finding or doing the thing you need doing. John works for Delta as one of those awesome humans who hunts down your luggage when it goes MIA. For the 2-Day Walk, he’s the awesome dude who drives all over town on Thursday night, picking up a lot of our food donations- including that yummy Carvel ice cream for Saturday lunch! He also helps the B’rest Stop Captains close down their stops and assists other crews and the directors as needed. Basically, he’s a John of all trades… or crews… whatever. You know what we mean.

John has an incredible girlfriend named Grace, and has two dogs- Jake and a rescue named Sally. John was drawn to Sally by her name, which she shared with his mom who passed away from breast cancer.

John, thank you for your service, and most of all, thanks for getting the ice cream!!