Today’s 2-Day Team Story comes from 2-Day Team Captain Maggie Barrineau, a member of Country Girls CAN CERvive:

Country Girls CAN CERviveI suppose you could say Country Girls CAN CERvive began on a cold January day in 2009 when we got the news that Teresa had breast cancer. What do you do when you get that kind of news? Teresa decided to fight.

Over the next two years her fight involved chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. Then it became weekly trips to the Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC where Teresa was involved in trials for new treatments.

A country girl at heart, Teresa believed that women should be able to get the treatment they need close to home and family. To reach that goal she chose to walk. She decided on It’s The Journey and the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer because all the money raised stays in Georgia. Country Girls CAN CERvive began with four founding members: Teresa, Margaret Barrineau (our captain, and Teresa’s sister), another sister, Jeanette Hahn, and her daughter; Vanessa Seitz. We were joined the next two years by other family and friends. We lost Teresa February 1, 2012, but her cause continues. WE STILL WALK in the hope that one day we won’t have to. To date the team has raised over $86,000 dollars.