clothingswapHosting a clothing swap is an incredible way to generate support for your 2016 2-Day Fundraising! It’s spring- people want to clean out their closets and freshen up their wardrobes! To get started, simply select the theme that you think would be of most interest to your friends and neighbors- kids’, teens, women’s clothing, etc., and send out invites via Facebook, email, neighborhood group pages, etc.

The premise is simple- everyone brings 10 items- they don’t even have to be clothing items (could be jewelry, baby gear, toys, etc based on the theme). Everyone makes a $25 donation to attend, and gets to shop for 5 “new” items to take home.

Make it fun- set up some easy snacks and inexpensive wine (or drink of your choice), and make an afternoon or evening out of it! Bonus tip- for an additional donation per item (ie. $5 per bonus item), they can keep shopping after they claim their first 5 items. This is for a great cause, and giving your friends multiple ways to support you at the same event is always a good idea! If you would like some pointers or have questions about setting up your own clothing swap, contact Whitney at!