Over the next few weeks, certified personal trainer and lifestyle management nutritional coordinator Lisa Weinert- the Wellness Diva– will be providing tips on training and nutrition for our 2-Day participants! Lisa will also be teaching our participants how to stretch, warm-up, and cool down properly at our upcoming training walks, including the one at Stone Mountain on July 21- so RSVP now to get some professional insight, courtesy of the 2-Day Walk and the Wellness Diva!

While every body is unique, there are a few tips that nearly everyone* can follow to stay healthy as you train for an endurance event like the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer! Check out a few of the Wellness Diva’s top nutrition tips below!
*Always check with your doctor before beginning a new nutrition or exercise regimen.

• Water is key of course but you also need electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium.
• Sources of ELECTROLYTES include but are not limited to:
o Endurolytes by Hammer Nutriton (hammernutrition.com)
o Smart Water
• Weigh yourself before and after you walk. For every pound you lose, drink at least 16oz’s of water.
• Everyone has their unique path for nutrition. The trick is to figure out yours! Experiment with foods on the shorter training walks.
• The GOLDEN RULE is never eat (or do) anything new on event day!
• Try to eat 1-3 hours prior to exercising. Everyone has a different amount of time that they need to digest their food.
• Develop the food routine that works for you, such as:
o Coffee
o Bananas with almond butter
o Oatmeal
o Eggs
• Avoid dairy prior to exercise
• Within 30 minutes of completing your exercise, eat protein and carbs, such as:
o Almonds and an apple
o Banana and almond butter
o Turkey on bread or a wrap
• Carbs are useful and valuable for assisting with hydration and providing energy to draw from for extended walks. Carb loading the evening prior to your training/events if you do not normally include them in your diet is not recommended. Suggestions for carbs to include are:
o Rice
o Sweet potatoes

If you have specific questions or need individual advice, please contact:
Lisa Weinert
The Wellness Diva
If we arrange to meet to work on your nutrition plan, appropriate fees will be discussed prior to meeting.