In honor of breast cancer awareness month, It’s The Journey Education Sponsor- Cancer Treatment Centers of America- is providing us with a new topic each week to help us all better understand breast cancer!



Tuesday, November 6th

2018 It’s The Journey Education Sponsor Cancer Treatment Centers of America wraps up their educational series for us with an article discussing diet and cancer. Check it out!



Tuesday, October 30th

This week, we hear about how metastatic breast cancer drugs may help patients delay chemotherapy. Learn more here.


Tuesday, October 23rd

This week, the experts at CTCA answer 10 commonly asked questions about life after breast reconstruction surgery. Read more here.


Tuesday, October 16th

This week, we learn more about hereditary cancer risks, and how information can open up opportunities. Learn more here.



Tuesday, October 9th

This week, we learn more about chronic inflammation’s link to cancer, but how lifestyle changes can make a difference! Check out the blog here.