The link to make hotel reservations for the 2021 Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer is now open!

If you are a registered 2-Day Walker or Crew Member, go ahead and reserve your hotel room by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Please read through these important things you need to know before your reserving your room!

1. YOUR ROOM: All 2-Day Walkers and Crew members MUST make a hotel reservation. Your $160 registration fee includes your half of your Saturday night hotel room. If you are a Saturday or Sunday Walker, your registration does not include a hotel room but you are welcome to book your own room in the 2-Day block!

2. WANT TO BE ALONE? If you prefer a single room, there will be a $75 single room supplement that you pay for through our Weekend Event Planner website (click here).

3. RESERVATION: You may reserve 2-4 walkers or crew members per room. Only ONE PERSON per room needs to make a reservation. Make sure you list the names of your roommate (s) in the “Guests” section of the reservation.

4. TEAMMATES: If you want to be near your teammates, please indicate that in the additional requests section of the reservation. We cannot guarantee that you will be close to your teammates but will do our best to honor these requests.

5. CREDIT CARD: We strongly recommend that you use a credit card (not a debit card) to make your reservation. Even if you are only staying Saturday night, you will be required to give a credit card number for incidental expenses.

6. BILLING: If you stay Friday night, you are responsible for those charges. When you make the reservation, it will appear that you are being charged for Friday and Saturday, but you will only be billed for Friday night. Your card will not be charged until Walk Weekend!

7. ROOMS READY: Hotel rooms may not be ready if you come off of the route early- please be patient!

8.  RESERVE NOW! Our block has run out of rooms for the past two years so make sure to reserve your room early!

9. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about hotel rooms or reservations, please contact Pam Rosenthal at

Click HERE to make your 2021 Walk Weekend Hotel Reservations!