Jill EastonYou see it at the top of the next intersection… a glorious white square with a 2-Day Walk logo and a black arrow that you know in your heart of hearts will lead you to blister relief, a port-a-pottie, and if you’re lucky, some “2-Day Crack” (PB&J Grahams , for any 2-Day Rookies reading this). Perhaps, over that hill, you will find a Mile Marker saying you only have 1 mile between you and a hot shower. You don’t know who the glorious angel is who set out that heavy plastic beacon of hope, but you bless them. Well, today, allow us the pleasure of introducing you to that splendid being- our 2-Day Route Marking Crew Captain, the one and only, Jill Easton!

Jill is a graduate of Montgomery College in Washington, DC, and works for 1st Mechanical Services as Operations Manager. This will be Jill’s 13th 2-Day Walk, and in 2012, she received It’s The Journey’s highest award for her time, dedication, and service to the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. As Route Marking Crew Captain, Jill is a part of a small group of crew members who help us plan the walk every year. She and her crew are not only out an working before our walkers take their first step- carefully marking every turn of the route- but also follow up behind to pick back up all of the route marking signage. It’s a lot of work that takes a lot of coordination, and we are grateful to have someone as capable as Jill is to handle it.

When she’s not on route rides, scouting the best sidewalks for the 2-Day with her BFF and fellow 2-Day route marking superstar Kelli Hunt, she’s being an awesome mom to her teenage son Sam, checking out a movie, playing a game of softball, or relaxing with a well-deserved beer. She and Kelli are at every 2-Day training walk – marking the route for your safety. She helps you get to where you need to go, and now you know a little more about our Route Marking wunderkind, Jill Easton! So if you see her out and about after you hit the route, give her a shout out, and offer to buy our girl a beer (after she finishes route marking!). She will have most definitely earned it!