This post is brought to you by Northside Hospital Cancer Institute.

Receiving news of a cancer diagnosis can lead to a variety of emotions, including anxiety, fear, confusion and worry. Patients often express that they feel as though they are unsure of where they are going and what may happen next. The medical terms used to provide information can be confusing.

The Northside Hospital Cancer Institute understands this reality. They created the oncology navigator role to guide patients through the maze of the health care system and the complex nature of cancer care. Oncology navigators also provide information and education to patients and caregivers, while supporting them during the course of their treatment.

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s oncology navigation team consists of oncology nurse navigators and cancer care liaisons. Oncology nurse navigators are experienced oncology nurses with specialized training and knowledge in specific cancers. They provide personalized support and reassurance, reliable information specific to patients’ needs and can help patients to better understand the information they receive. As an “insider” within the health care system, oncology nurse navigators help patients understand how to work through challenges they may have during their care and connect patients to the right people or resources for help.

Cancer care liaisons are members of the navigation team who have specialized training and serve as resource experts. They have a vast knowledge of a variety of resources and understand the processes to obtain the right one for their patients. They serve as knowledgeable and supportive guides for a variety of challenges that patients may face in receiving or getting their care.

To reach a member of Northside’s patient navigation team email or call 404-300-2800, or visit for more information.