This post is brought to you by Northside Hospital Cancer Institute.

Minimizing the emotional and mental strain after diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you face a tough battle. Aside from the obvious physical challenges, cancer patients often fight against overwhelming feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and a loss of control – even when they are surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends. When and if you are ready, talking about your cancer with others who understand can help you cope with the uncertainties ahead and provide tremendous benefit during your treatment and recovery.

Cancer Support Community (CSC) Atlanta has partnered with Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) for over 20 years, offering free supportive programs for people in our community affected by cancer.

Their comprehensive programs include:

• Support groups.
• Education programs led by NHCI health care professionals.
• Stress management programs like gentle yoga and Tai Chi.
• Nutrition seminars.
• Gentle exercise classes.

During this time when everyone is self-isolating and staying close to home, CSC Atlanta has transitioned its programs to a digital platform, while continuing to offer the same level of support the organization has always provided. In the past few months, they have hosted educational programs via Zoom with topics including Updates on COVID-19, The Vital Role of Vitamin D, Metastatic Bone Disease Current Treatment Options, Cancer Genetics, Frankly Speaking About Cancer Risks Among African Americans and The Role of a Patient Navigator.

Additionally, five different live stress management classes are held throughout the week, including meditation and chair yoga. Many of these classes are being recorded and archived on the CSC website for people to enjoy at a later time.

To stay connected to these free oncology support resources, please visit Visit the “Join Us” tab (under “About Us”) to register for the organization’s e-newsletter and receive program updates.