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No one is excited about getting a mammogram. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good experience though. And no one’s working harder than Northside Hospital to make that happen.

Northside recently made a significant investment in the health and comfort of its patients by installing state-of-the-art mammography equipment with 3D and High Definition (HD) imaging, as well as a more comfortable “flex paddle.” Northside is the first large hospital system in the southeast to offer this level of technology.

From improved cancer detection to increased comfort and convenience, here are four important reasons why a Northside mammogram is better than ever.

1. They’re more accurate
Tomosynthesis (3D) mammography has been shown to consistently find 30-40% more invasive cancers than 2D mammography alone. It also decreases recalls for additional imaging by up to 40%.

2. They’re more comfortable
Northside has invested in the most advanced – and most comfortable – technology at all its locations. The technology offers 60% shorter “compression” time – less than four seconds. Flexible compression paddles are curved to fit the shape of women’s breasts – 93% of women who tried this new system reported little or no discomfort during their exams.

3. They’re safer
Getting a combination of 3D images and high-resolution 2D images used to require more time and more radiation. With Northside’s new 3D HD system, the radiation dose is cut almost in half, while still providing the sharp, high resolution images needed to find subtle and early breast cancers.

4. They’re more convenient
This advanced technology is available at all 22 of Northside’s breast imaging locations and on the ScreenAtlanta mobile mammography van – with readily available appointment times, including early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments.

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