Today’s blog on dressing for the 2-Day Walk comes from our partners at Boxercraft! 


The Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer is fast approaching. You are now training to be ready to take on this 30 mile journey, raising funds and being a part of an amazing cause. You want to be completely prepared and in top shape so what can you do to make your 2-Day Walk a successful one? Have you considered what you will wear?

The way you dress can be very important for a long-distance trek.  Boxercraft, our Atlanta 2-Day Walk t-shirt sponsor, knows clothing, so here are some tips to help you dress comfortably for the 2-Day Walk.

Weather Conditions

It is difficult to predict whether it will be cool or warm October 15-16. Be sure to check on the weather as the event draws closer so you know exactly how to pack for the 2-Day Walk Weekend.

If the weather is predicted to be cool, remember that your body will naturally heat up as you engage in physical activity. So layer up, and remove each layer as either your body temperature or the outside temperature increases. Your body will naturally warm up from the workout after about 10 minutes, so layering will give you the ability to adjust accordingly.

Starting with your innermost layer, you’ll want to wear something made from a material that wicks away any perspiration from your skin. A cotton t-shirt will absorb moisture, and thus is not ideal as your inner layer. The middle layer (if needed) can be made from wool or microfiber fleece to provide good insulation, and the best outer layer is one designed to protect against the elements. A hooded jacket made from fabrics that repel moisture and protect you from the wind is ideal.

In general, you’ll want to wear clothes that are breathable, thin, snug (not too tight), and have flat seams. It’s also good for ladies to wear sports bras with a supportive and wide chest band, straps with minimal stretch, large armholes, and nonrestrictive seams and clasps.

If you’re unsure where to find one, 2-Day Walk sponsor Boxercraft offers a full line of quality sports bras that are comfortable, versatile, and available in youth and adult sizes. Choose between their Sports Bra, Criss Cross Bra, and Cropped Middie Tank, and whatever you choose, get it in pink to support the cause!

Proper Footwear

Wearing the right shoes can make all the difference. Remember, you’re going to be walking for a long time, so comfort comes first. Having your feet measured is a good idea, even if you think you know your size by heart. Give yourself about an extra half size to compensate for the swelling that can happen during a long stretch of walking. There are shoes made for walking, but the right kind of running shoes may be your best option.

When choosing a running shoe for walking, you might choose a lighter shoe, but you still want enough cushioning to keep your legs and feet from wearing out over long periods of time. Running shoes often have a thicker heel to compensate for the way a runner’s foot lands, which isn’t ideal for walking. Walkers will want to look for a shoe drop below 8 mm—ideally below 4 mm. This ensures a more consistent depth from your heel to your toe. Also avoid a flared heel to make your step more natural at a walking pace.  Obviously, you want your footwear to be flexible, but the point where it flexes is crucial for a long-distance walker. In the case of walking, the shoe should bend at the forefoot.

Your sock choice is equally important!  Make sure to choose a non-cotton sock – preferably one that wicks away moisture.  Some people prefer a thick sock for distance walking, some prefer a thinner sock.  Either way, bring two pairs for Saturday (you can change at lunch if you like) and one for Sunday.

Just before Closing Ceremonies at this year’s 2-Day Walk, you will receive a white long-sleeved Victory t-shirt. Breast cancer survivors will receive the Victory shirt as well as a short sleeve pink survivor t-shirt.  You will be encouraged to wear it for the last half mile walk into Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. Wear it with pride, announcing to the world that you conquered the 2-Day Walk!

Dress your best for this year’s Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Sometimes it’s not just about looking good—it’s also about feeling good. So be smart, be ready, and follow these tips to have a super successful time during this charity event!

Start your conditioning now so you’ll be physically ready and in shape when it comes time for the 2-Day Walk. Boxercraft’s Pink Awareness line has plenty of activewear items perfect for wearing while you train. Don’t forget to check out their b*sport line for the full inventory of activewear options.