Team Information

Benefits of Being a Team Member

Breast cancer is a tough opponent. A tough opponent calls for teamwork.

Benefits of a Team:

1.  Develop relationships based on common cause

2.  Learn from and share experiences from past walkers

3.  Create lasting friendships

4.  Support each other during training for walk

Being a team member is an outstanding way to develop deeper ties to the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and to those who benefit from it. If you “Do the 2” with members of your team—especially those who have walked the walk in past years—you can learn a lot about how to prepare and what to expect. You’ll likely get tips on everything from nutrition and shoes to clothing and blister protection.

Of course, you will also make wonderful new life-long friends and have a captive audience to rejoice with or complain to about your everyday trials, tribulations—and triumphs.

And because you will spend many hours training, walking with others makes the miles and time fly by. Team members can also stay in the same hotel rooms during the 2-Day Walk.

How to Select a Team

1.  Select a team leader.

2.  Have the leader register.

3.  Select your unique team name.

4.  Invite team from Captain homepage.

5.  Register the team members by selecting “Join a Team.”

6.  Start planning training walks and fundraising.

PLEASE NOTE: The first person to register is considered the team captain.

Fun Things to Do as a Team

  • Hold team parties and picnics
  • Invite spouses and children to some of the parties/events so they can get to know each other
  • Get team clothing for the 2-Day Walk
  • Hold fundraising parties together
  • Have a kick-off party the weekend before the event
  • Set up walks with other teams
  • Have a picture-swapping party after the 2-Day Walk
  • Have holiday parties throughout the year to keep in touch
  • Keep a walking group going so you stay in shape—and in touch 

June 6, 2020

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